Thursday, April 28, 2011

X-ceptions to the rules

Pathetic choice for X, but what can you do?

So what are the "rules" for crocheting?

In each pattern, are you to assume you go through both loops in the previous row unless the X-ception is specified? Or only the front loop?

I think I was taught to go through only the front loop unless otherwise specified, but lately, I've been going through both loops unless specified. Which is the "real" or "correct" way?

I've also heard that you're not supposed to tie knots in your yarn when changing to a new skein. Yep, I've done that for years. I've recently learned how to weave your strands together without a knot, but honestly, it really doesn't work for all yarn. What do you do?

I weave in my ends using a smaller crochet hook. Other people always use a needle. There's certainly not a hard and fast "crochet rule" for that. What do you do?

When you yarn over, how do you do it? Do you use your "yarn feeding finger" to wrap it over or do you twist your hook to grab it?

While I'm on the subject of personal preference vs. crochet rules, what is your favorite hook? I've seen other crocheters ask out there, and I'm surprised by the variety! I'm a hook snob, and I only use Susan Bates hooks. I think they go through the loops more smoothly, and they catch the yarn better than Boye hooks. However, all my large hooks (L and larger) are acrylic with the same in-line shape as Susan Bates hooks. What kind do you like?

So...all that being said, are these things normal crocheters do, or am I just the X-ception to the rule?


  1. I go through both loops unless the pattern specifies, as that's what my books tell me to do.

    Changing skeins - I still tie knots in my yarn when it's not going to matter (say on the inside of amigurumis), but try to do it the "proper" way for other items.

    The one that causes most contention for me is the how you hold your yarn and hook. For some reason I stick my little finger out when I crochet, which my friend thinks is hilarious. And I don't hold my yarn "properly". I think whatever works for you, do it!

  2. I also go through both loops unless the pattern calls for one loop.

    It depends on the pattern if I tie knots or knot. lol. Like I have a wip for the granny ripple for a baby shower in a little over a week. Each two rows is the color change and you can't weave in the ends without it looking wonky and them eventually coming out. I tried at the beginning and it was terrible. So I am knotting the ends, cutting and weaving best I can. I'm undecided as to a border for this blanky. If I had decided early on that it would have a border then I wouldn't have knotted.

    When I do weave in ends I always use a smaller hook to do that.

    Yarn overs are done both ways. And I find that odd about myself. There's not rhyme or rule on why or what but I've found myself doing both. Weird huh?

    As to my fav hooks? My steel thread hooks it's #2, #4 & #7. My yarn hooks is depending on what I'm making. I think I favor D, F & G. I also like my vintage 00 hook. That's a Susan Bates. The rest of my hooks are Boye. I can't stand plastic hooks. I have two, one that was given to me and one that I bought. I hate them both and do not use them. They bend while crocheting.

    I think we are all different and just like anything else in life....we do best the way we do it. There's no right or wrong way I think.

  3. When I made the afghan rug for my dad last year I sewed all the ends in...haha..such a beginner! I didn't know that you just wove them in with a hook.

  4. Yay for crochet! I've done both ways. I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm stopping by from the A to Z challenge and I look forward to visiting again.

  5. I never learned how to change colors/skeins any other way than to knot them...maybe I should get on that. Any recommendations on a tutorial?

    And I use a needle to weave my ends in...I find that they feel more secure that way. Especially for the granny squares I just put together...

    And lastly, I definitely grab the yarn with my hook when I yarn over.

  6. I am told I hold my hook is right for me. I let my hook grab the thread for yarn over. I like boye hooks for some patterns and susan bates for others. I do not like plastic hooks at all. I like balene hooks too for yarn. I am extremely picky about the thread..DMC Cebelia, but have found Nezli Garden thread (somewhat softer and smaller) works up well. I don't like the results from any other thread. yes we crocheters are an opinionated bunch. :)

  7. I go through both loops unless the pattern says to do otherwise.

    I've never tied a knot in my yarn; I've been too afraid that it would come loose and my project would unravel. (I've seen some of my friends' things do this, and it scares me because how do you fix it?)

    I use a needle to weave in loose ends. I've never heard of using a smaller hook. Hmmm.

    I use my hook to grab the yarn when I yarn over.

    I like Boye hooks, but you've inspired me to try Susan Bates.

    And does it really matter? If what we make turns out beautiful, does it really matter how we get there?

  8. Nice topic! I think it's good to learn the common "rules" and then to adapt as you see fit. I usually crochet into both loops unless otherwise specified. I'm "guilty" of tying knots in my yarn although I don't do it all the time. and as an aside I know that I don't hold my crochet "the right way".

  9. I am a new follower via GFC. Hope you can stop by my blog and check it out and follow back.

  10. AH-HA . so you are the ersonkeeping Susan Bates in business?

    I am a BOYE Snob. I always catch my yarn when, on the enc of the hook, when I use Susan Bates. But my Boye hooks are slicker than ___"

    My favorite hook of all time is a "0" that was my grandmothers'. I have no idea who made it, but the size, weight, shape . . everything about it is perfect for me.

    Enjoy yourself, Miss Susan Bates.

    I remain, humbly yours, Miss Boye.

  11. Great topic- good to read all the other preferences!

    I was taught to go through both loops, now I switch it depending on how I want the piece to look. Knotted ends weaved with a smaller hook. YO is grabbed with the hook. I don't have a fave hook brand, mostly because all my hooks have come to me previously loved :)

  12. I was taught to go through both loops, now I've learnt a bit more I see that it acheives a different look to go through one or both.

    I was taught never to knot in a new colour, but I actually do as I prefer that method.

    I was taught to weave in ends with a darning needle but I prefer to use a chenille needle as it catches the ends in the fibres and is much less likely to come out.

    I've never tried different hooks, I just have cheapo plastic ones!

  13. This has been SO much fun to read everyone's preferences! What a blast that there is such variety even in our similar love of crochet.


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