Monday, April 18, 2011


O is for Ouch.

I slammed my finger in the door. Can you tell which one?

It's surprising how much it hurts to crochet! That's the finger I use to hold my work in place as I'm inserting the hook. One glance of that hook past the fingertip and OH! the pain.

Isn't it annoying when a minor injury becomes such a nuisance?


  1. I absolutely agree! I can see that finger missing a little bit of fingernail..just as well it wasn't more of that finger.

  2. agree I broke three bones in my hand in feb and month with a cast and worse it was my hook hand i tried to crohcet with out any luck and for about three week a crochet hook got stuck inside the cast was not fun.

  3. Ouch! Like my grandson says..It will be better in the morning..

  4. True, Carol!

    Yikes, Crochet dude--a hook stuck in your cast for 3 weeks??!!!

    Vikki--so sweet! Isn't it precious how the kiddos take care of us big people when we need it? ;-)

  5. Yes, yes! I can feel your pain...but not literally. When I was pregnant with my third child, crocheting increased my nausea from "morning" (all day!) sickness. It was awful! Even looking at a crochet magazine made me want to hurl. Thankfully, it went away with the "morning" sickness.

  6. Nikki, that's crazy!! I can't imagine how bothersome that would be. =P

  7. Mindy,

    That would be so painful and so upsetting to have so much pain when you have to crochet! OUCH! I hope it's better soon.



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