Tuesday, April 26, 2011


V is for Vinyl because my hubby does it so well!

Turning this
into this.
Note to self: It's hard to take pictures of vinyl around the top of the room...don't do it.

Kitchen/Coffee Shop graphics

Children's rooms

Decorative tiles

Could it be that this will be my first non-crochet post of this whole A to Z Challenge?

Not if he can make this for me in vinyl:
Pretty please?

Found at Crochet Galore. Oh, how I love this picture. It's so sweet and pretty, but it readily admits that I have a serious problem...


  1. Mr Mindy is very good with his vinyl!

  2. Love the Crochet addict vinyl!! I so want one.

  3. Love it! Really like the words above the bed in the kids room. I can see where there are so many uses for vinyl (even chicken coops .. can't wait to get mine!)

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  4. That vinyl coffee decal is soooo cute!!! I'm book marking it for sure, would be great for my future kitchen....that I will have in 10 months! haha yay :)

    Hope you will be linking up to Your Whims Wednesday!! :) http://mygirlishwhims.blogspot.com/2011/04/your-whims-wednesday-4-and-features.html

  5. So cute!! I especially love the coffee one because I decorated my kitchen in coffee decor. Love it!!



  6. So, you're not the only crafty one in the family! Love that coffee one! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I wonder what it be like here at in-the-loop if you ventured out of the crochet a bit...


    Thanks for linking to Creative Juice Thursday. Hope to see you back this week.

  8. So creative, really like the coffee idea!!! Looks great!


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