Monday, June 30, 2014

Spring into Summer CAL-Coasters

For some reason, I have 2 sets of Christmas/winter coasters, one set of fall coasters, and some Kansas City Chiefs coasters that were given to us as a housewarming gift from an uncle that is a huge KC fan. Nothing graces the coffee table as a 'summer' coaster. This project was a perfect fix.

They turned out so adorably that I was almost afraid to use them at first!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Spring into Summer CAL-Bow

Embellishments are always nice to have around so that you can quickly add them to a finished project at the last minute.

How cute is this?
A little orange bow with a bright yellow center might be just the right addition to some of those chemo hats!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Spring into Summer CAL-Bookmark

Rachel at Crochet Spot is coordinating a Spring into Summer Crochet Along with several fun, quick, and simple summer projects. These have been perfect items for me to throw together while sitting outside enjoying the warm weather.

First up is a cute little bookmark out of some cotton yarn.

Lots of trouble with lighting that day...but the 'stem' is a lime green and white variegated that added a little fun to the flower colors.

What a perfect item for another perfect summer activity--reading!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Remaining Chemo Hats

 I've been away from the computer a lot lately, so I've missed posting the rest of my hats and lots of other summer projects!

This first hat has a beautiful butterfly/bow look on the front. Pattern found here.

Two coordinating hats with a removable flower that matches either one. Patterns here and here.

This hat ended up being a little too tight around the brim, so I frogged it and made two new ones in its place. Hopefully I took pictures... ;-)

This is a SUPER soft yarn with very light pastel flecks in it. Pattern found here.

Ugh...this hat. I absolutely love this yarn. I've used it for other projects, and it's wonderful! So imagine my disappointment when pattern after pattern just wouldn't work! I eventually created something mostly based off of this pattern.

These hats were intended to be versatile for use with or without flower embellishments as well as allowing a variety of choices each day. It's gotten warm enough now that these are mostly useless for the time being, but that's OK! Hopefully as she continues to heal, these will just end up in the winter clothing bin!