Friday, May 24, 2013

Surprise project

I have a new (huge!) project in the works, but since it's a surprise and a gift, a full post will have to wait.

Here's a sneak peek:

Any guesses? No cheating if you live close to me and already know! =)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Mama Card

Ever since I bought this stamp set, I've been so excited to use it!

...and then it sat...

...and sat...

...and waited...

...and now (years later), I've finally put the stamps together and made a card. It would have been a shame to waste that money on unused stamps, right?

Hmmm. Picture issues. Well, the back has a tiny pair of feet punched out of silver paper, and the words "Happy Waiting!" underneath.

I'm not always a big fan of puns, but I'm a big fan of saying "You go, girl!" The play on words worked for me. ;-)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Doily Crochet Along

Ever since Stitchy invited us to join her on a Doily CAL, I've been super excited about the pattern.

Isn't that incredible?!

Well, the pattern calls for Size 20 thread. I had Size 10 on hand, and I hoped it would be enough.

See that center portion that sort of gets missed since its job is simply to prepare for the gorgeous pineapple rounds? Here's a view of mine so far.

It's almost the size of a dinner plate.
Yep, my finished product will definitely be bigger than the 18" one made from Size 20 thread!

I'm already much farther along than this picture shows, so I'll update again soon. It's HUGE!

Monday, May 13, 2013


Since I last posted, it's been a little crazy around here. We've had a weekend away for a training event with junior high students, we made a whirlwind trip from Wisconsin to North Carolina for a funeral, had a huge event involving a formal dinner (hubby cooked) and high school students acting out a mystery for adults and peers, and our first weekend available to actually be at home was spent with a sick hubby. No Mother's Day celebrations for us except enjoying what Mama's do best--taking care of family, right? I wouldn't trade that 'down-time' for anything!

Well, in spite of all the craziness, I have completed a lot of crafty projects! Some with paint, others with paper, and definitely a bit of crocheting.

While I work on actually getting pictures onto the computer, I have a question for you fellow crafters.

Have you ever packed for a trip and scaled back on your 'necessities' in order to make room for your crafts? Have you spent more time deciding which crafts to take than what clothing to take? Tell me all about it! I love to hear your stories!