Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rummage Sale Baby Blankets

Last Saturday, a friend invited me to go along with her to a church hosting a children's items rummage sale. My boys had been out late for a baseball game the night before and were still resting, so it was a good time to pop out for a bit.

Just before we were done, we wandered over to a table that held a lot of bedding items. I noticed some handmade blankets, and it initially made me very sad that someone had taken the time to create these blankets only to have them end up in a rummage sale. I wanted to buy them just to appreciate the workmanship! Then I realized that if they weren't kept for one reason or another, I could at least frog them and reuse the yarn in my Ugly Blanket or something.

So I bought them.

I still feel a little guilty about how cheap they were and that my whole intention was not to use them but to take them apart!

Oh, what to do?!?!

This one is a crocheted blanket that got a little wonky in sizing. The yarn seems to be in pretty good shape with only a spot or two that seems fuzzy.

Also a crocheted blanket, this one is the smallest. It's made from a very bulky yarn, so it may not work into my Ugly Blanket very well. Maybe it will be used for something else. This was actually in a bag that held 2 handmade blankets and one store-bought blanket, so I figured it was still worth it.

This last one is a knit blanket. Clearly a lot of time and work went into this one. Especially since I don't knit and admire those that do, this one is the one that is screaming at me most for having the audacity to take it apart. But I really love the color! Once i got it home and took a closer look, I realized that it is two strands worked together. A warm and cozy blanket for sure!

Have you ever done this before? Have you found good quality yarn? What would you do?