Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rummage Sale Baby Blankets

Last Saturday, a friend invited me to go along with her to a church hosting a children's items rummage sale. My boys had been out late for a baseball game the night before and were still resting, so it was a good time to pop out for a bit.

Just before we were done, we wandered over to a table that held a lot of bedding items. I noticed some handmade blankets, and it initially made me very sad that someone had taken the time to create these blankets only to have them end up in a rummage sale. I wanted to buy them just to appreciate the workmanship! Then I realized that if they weren't kept for one reason or another, I could at least frog them and reuse the yarn in my Ugly Blanket or something.

So I bought them.

I still feel a little guilty about how cheap they were and that my whole intention was not to use them but to take them apart!

Oh, what to do?!?!

This one is a crocheted blanket that got a little wonky in sizing. The yarn seems to be in pretty good shape with only a spot or two that seems fuzzy.

Also a crocheted blanket, this one is the smallest. It's made from a very bulky yarn, so it may not work into my Ugly Blanket very well. Maybe it will be used for something else. This was actually in a bag that held 2 handmade blankets and one store-bought blanket, so I figured it was still worth it.

This last one is a knit blanket. Clearly a lot of time and work went into this one. Especially since I don't knit and admire those that do, this one is the one that is screaming at me most for having the audacity to take it apart. But I really love the color! Once i got it home and took a closer look, I realized that it is two strands worked together. A warm and cozy blanket for sure!

Have you ever done this before? Have you found good quality yarn? What would you do?


  1. I know what you mean about finding handmade baby blankets. I usually buy them and donate them to Riley's Children's Hospital here in Evansville. I never tear them apart, not that you shouldn't, I just never thought about doing it. What comes to my mind is thata somebody thought about a special person and made that blanket just for them..but I guess if one isn't going to use it..might as well give it up...but you are so right..they mark them dirt the work by loving hands has all been forgotten. I know you will make something lovely from the yarn..blessings

  2. Instead of taking them apart is there any way to add on? Well, the purple one maybe not, it looks like stitches were either added or dropped. Great find though!

  3. definitely! I've followed you on google
    your blog is lovely by the way,waiting you on my blog xxx

  4. I've nominated your blog for the Sunshine Award. For more details please check out my blog post from June 14th.

  5. Could you put a cloth backing on the lavender and knit blankets? I wonder if steam blocking it would reshape it.

    LOVE the ginormous granny square! I am thinking this ugly blanket of yours is going to be wonderful.

    The idea of my work ending up in a rummage sale is terrifying. I am glad you saved these :)

  6. I was wondering if I was the only one who felt this way! I keep seeing "beautiful handmade blankets" for sale on a local craigslist site. I was just telling the hubby I couldn't believe people would sell something handmade for their kid, but then one person said they made it themselves and decided they didn't like the colors so sold it and made a new one. That made sense. But I don't think all of them were that way.

  7. Haven't seen you post so I came to find you. Hope everything is ok!

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