Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pattern, Perfectionism, and Par for the Course

On Saturday, I delivered another set of Headbands to the local Boutique. She's having a big Open House this coming weekend, and I wanted to make sure that she had plenty in stock. Now that she has such a good supply, I can back off of making them like a crazy woman every free moment.

In my pursuit of a variety of headband yarn, some great baby blanket yarn leaped into my basket courtesy of my wonderful hubby.

I was anxious to do another version of a simple pattern I had created a few years ago. This is the Pattern Part of P for today.

Ch 112
Row 1: Dc in 4th ch from hook and each st across.
Row 2-3: Ch 3 (count as first dc) and dc in each st across.
Row 4: Ch 3; dc in next 6 st. Sk 1 dc, (dc, ch 1, dc) in next dc; V-st made. * Sk 2 dc; V-st * repeat until last 8 dc. Sk 1 dc, dc in last 7 st.
Row 5: Ch 3; dc in next 6 st. Sk next dc, V-st in each ch-1-sp across, dc in last 7 st.
Repeat row 5 until desired length.
Finish with 3 rows of dc (one in each ch-1-sp and dc across for first row).

Very simplified pattern, but hopefully it makes sense. It's such a fun and quick pattern. As it started coming together and I was counting stitches on Saturday night, I had to laugh at myself that this is the largest project I've worked on in several months. Pathetic!

Now on to the Perfectionism Part of P.

Any other perfectionists out there? Maybe you'll understand my weirdness here. As this is coming together, it seems more likely that I'm working the length of the blanket rather than the width. That would be OK in some cases, but the V-stitch makes it seem a little awkward, maybe?

So fellow perfectionists... do I rip it all out and recount my pattern to be more appropriate to the width or do I just keep going? How OCD should I be about this?

A blurry phone-picture of the last time I made this pattern:
Bad choice of yarn--you can barely see the border. But you can probably tell I had the same problem last time. Did I learn and mark adaptations to my pattern? Nope. Some perfectionist I am.

I await your advice. Start over or keep going?

And finally...Par for the Course. This is what we woke up to yesterday morning:
Spring in Wisconsin, my friends! Last Sunday: 80 degrees. Following Monday 8 days later: snow. At least it isn't sticking to the roads...


  1. I am not a perfectionist..or much of a crocheter..so can't comment on the pattern..I have no idea what a V stitch is! I do love a good snow pic though...snow just looks beautiful anytime!

  2. I am real OCD about the stuff I make..add a little ADHD..I would either be ripping it out, or starting a different project. I vote to rip it out. Why spend alot of time making something and hoping that it all turns out ok.

  3. I'm a perfectionist, too, when it comes to things I crochet, so I say, "Rip it out!" I figure if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right...at least when I'm crocheting.

  4. Hmmmm.....I say that's what's makes it unique but then again I know when doing pictures if i've messed up I must fix it to quiet my brain once again so i'm no help either way.....i've got you on the list for a button too. Maybe next week cuz my computer time is being cut short due to easter and traveling. {tara} from Undeserving Grace

  5. I'm not a perfectionist at all (too stressful for me) but I do want my crocheted work to look the way I imagined it, so if you want to take off the border and add a solid color, that would probably look a bit nicer - more finished, maybe, but either way, I like the variegated blanket.

    I miss snow, but not sure I'd like to have it that close to Easter....brrrr!

  6. Ugh for that snow- that's exactly how it's been here! What the heck?


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