Tuesday, April 12, 2011


J is for JOY!!

I have a little personal soapbox about the difference between joy and happiness.

Happiness is fleeting and is dependent upon circumstances.

Joy is internal and can continue despite circumstances.

So, I encourage you to find JOY in what you do: crafting, cooking, working, et cetera (that one's for you Marie Anne =) ).

Even when you run out of yarn on a project,
try again.

Even when your thread breaks and you have tiny seed beads everywhere, plow ahead and try to fix it.

Even when life just keeps you too busy to do all the projects you want to do, keep at it! Find the JOY!


  1. Love the hats and your blog thoughts make me smile

  2. Mindy - first thanks for the comment at my blog. And second, I love that you do the beaded crochet. My grandmother use to do this and I don't think I've seen it any where else but here before. I have a bunch of necklaces that she gave me over the years. And I'm sure she found joy in the broken thread over the years too.

  3. Thanks! :) You made me smile today!

  4. I so agree with your Joy post..joy is present even among the challenges of new work and tests! Thanks for your encouragement yesterday too.


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