Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A post where I babble a lot

Some days you're pulled many directions, and some days they all converge.

Going back before Christmas, we spent all day, every day for almost 2 weeks at my in-laws' house. We still slept at home, but it was a chunk of time where we were not really "home" to catch up on anything.

It was such a BLAST! At any given point, there were over 20 people hanging out eating amazing food, playing games, doing kid crafts (I'll post that later), playing in the snow, watching movies, shopping (lots!), etc.

 In the process of all that fun, we also had some generous sick germs. Blech. I'm at the end of it, and I'm NOT throwing up (yet), so you won't hear me complaining. It could have been SO much worse. It just makes catching up on sleep a little difficult after all the activities.

In other news:
Earlier in the month, I had noticed that I was having a tooth/gums problem that just wouldn't go away. I called the dentist on Friday and scheduled an appointment for today.

I'll spare you that picture. You're welcome.

Last night, I had a great laugh at my idiocy when I realized that I didn't have a vehicle today to get to that appointment! Lovely and brilliant. =P  8:00 this morning, I put in a desperate call for my mom to save me. Thankfully, she was able to pop out of work for a few minutes to help me out.

Unfortunately, the dentist looked at my mouth and knew right away what the problem would be (but not without a little uncomfortable prodding first *shudder*). Here's a card for a periodontist for them to do a tissue graft from the roof of your mouth (I can barely type this right now...) to the spot on your gums that is pulling away. Why do I suddenly feel 180 years old? All this to process on my overtired brain?!

However, I notoriously look for the good in things, and this is no exception. What a blessing that they can take care of this for me before it actually causes tooth pain or damage! I'm dreading the fact that I have to wait so long to go in for this, but I'm resting in 3 things. 1. God is good. 2. The mouth is the fastest healing part of your body. 3. This will be a short term pain for long term health. I like being prepared.

The only downside is the wait. Oi. There is too much happening between now and then, and I'm anxious for it to be off my mind.

Upside: I guess if I have some recuperation time where I can't talk or eat much, then I'll have some serious crafting time on my hands, and I'll be on the road to fitting nicely into that gorgeous dress in March after all this BAD (read: amazingly, incredibly, sinfully delicious) Christmas food I've been eating.

Anyone ever have this procedure done? Is it the worst thing I'll ever experience?

OK, now that I've gotten that off my mind, hopefully I'll stop worrying about it.


  1. It's a challenge but as you will agree, nothing that you and God can't handle! Get well soon!

  2. Never had that done BUT I did have a dentist stick one of those skinny almost looks like a needle at the end instruments into a teeny-tiny whoe in one of my teeth and couldn't get it out quickly . . . had he and I both a little nervous . . and it did start to hurt.

    Found out it was a teeny-tiny cavity that barely showed up on the x-ray and he had to make sure it was what he thought . . . OUCH!

    Before you get it done, I would suggest you ask your primary MD or the periodontist for a script for a relaxant/anti-anxiety pill. They have worked WONDERS for me in the tooth filling with a dam in my mouth . . . it makes me feel like I am suffocating when not "pilled."


  3. I forgot . . you won again . . .CONGRATULATIONS! You and Sarah might have a race on as to who wins the most :0}

  4. That sounds like such a perfect Christmas gathering. So many people having such a lot of fun! But sorry to hear about the bugs. Grrr to the bugs!

    And even more soory to hear about your dentist trip. That sounds painful, you poor thing. I wish I could offer some perfect advice but none springs to mind!

    Happy New Year!


  5. Yikes with the tooth thing! Yay for moms! Thanks for the award, I think I forgot to say thank you before.
    Aren't crazy full family times the best?

  6. check out todays post to see your special award



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