Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Yarn and Patterns

Remember to enter my giveaway this week!

Anyone else out there get stuck in a rut for a while? I find projects I enjoy, and I make them to death! I constantly go back to yarn textures that I'm comfortable using. My color choices become predictable.

The good news is that I know what types of yarn I want for certain projects, and I get pretty fast at those patterns, right?! Currently, I have several "go-to" projects, and thankfully, that helps keep me from getting bored by any one of them in particular.

Just the same, it's nice to get new inspiration!

Ring, ring: MAIL TIME!
A couple weeks ago, I told you about Paula's giveaways on her blog. She was having a huge birthday celebration by sharing tons of goodies with her readers. It was such a blast! I was fortunate enough to win several skeins of yarn. They arrived in the mail yesterday! Super fun. Paula, being the VERY generous sweetie that she is, threw in a TON of fun patterns for me, too!

The tip of the iceberg:

And the new skeins of yarn:

In the busyness of Thanksgiving, I neglected to post this that Tamara from Crochet with Tamara sent to me:

So much new inspiration at my fingertips, now! I can take the hint: Get off that computer and start making something new! =D


  1. We won't see you for'll be buried under yarn and projects! Have fun with all your new goodies.

  2. ooh, I have to keep an eye out for the Quick Comforts! I want to make that pillow. Do you know what number it is?

    Congrats on winning all that yarn!

  3. So glad I found you blog~ I love knitting. I have also realized I need to branch out a bit more with my color choices.. Hi there~ I am your newest follower from the blog hop & would love it if you stopped by and returned the love :) We also have an exciting new artist posted who makes one of a kind bracelets I would love for you to check out!!

  4. P.S- I am trying to learn to crochet.. it seems a little tougher to me though!!

  5. Great to see the inspiration striking in so many lovely ways!

  6. You hit the jackpot! A lot of great patterns and yarn. :)

  7. The Quick Comforts book looks awesome! I'm sure you'll let us know if you try something from it. Once again, I've always wanted accent pillows for my couch and never thought about making them myself!

  8. By the look of your latest haul your friends and family may not see you reappear until Spring!


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