Saturday, January 8, 2011

Help me choose

I made a lime green headband, and I can't decide which flower combination to use with it.

Which do you like better?

Or should I add one more tiny flower on top so it is a three-layered flower?

Also, this lime green is a yarn that my mom gave me to finish up the names on our personalized stockings. It was a perfect match for the small amount that I needed. But since she didn't need it back, I figured I'd use it for fun projects. It's a wool-acrylic blend. 75% Acrylic 25% Wool. It says it can be machine washed and dried 80* F. I don't have any experience with this blend of yarn. Has anyone else out there used it? Will it felt when washed and dried?

Thanks for the help! I need the creative inspiration!


  1. Very cute. White centered flower, definitly! Love to meet a fellow crocheter. Glad you stopped by my red farmhouse.

  2. I like the dark center . . the white one distracted me from the headband. If you put a smaller dark (is it purple?) center in the white one, I think it would work.

  3. I like the white center. Shows off the detail of the white flower against the black. Also, the amount of wool is pretty small. Won't felt much if at all. I tried felting a sweater that was 90% wool, but the 10% acrylic prevented it from felting up.
    Hope that helps.

  4. Hi! That's nice, I prefer with the white in the center - it 'looks more'! I don't think it's going to felt.
    Wishes from Crete!

  5. I'm not sure how I found your blog, but I'm glad to find another crocheter/blogger. Fun, fun!

    I prefer the white-centered flower, as well.

  6. I vote for the white centered one too! Enjoying your crochet projects - can't wait till I have time to try one of these headbands myself!

  7. I definitely prefer the white centre. I think it makes the flower stand out more against the gorgeous green. But truthfully I love it either way. I bet it looks gorgeous!


  8. The second one with the white center- it really pops!

  9. The white in the middle You can see it and i think it more prettier!

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  10. I like the white center too! If you add another layer, maybe the green will look cute.

  11. Rachel-very helpful, thanks!

    Thanks for all the suggestions! You're all very helpful. I knew I could count on you!

    I hadn't thought of the possible third layer being green--that could be really cute. Or I could add a button. Oh I'm getting too many options! =D

  12. Thanks for linking up this cute headband!


  13. I like the top one!

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  14. Okay, I'm going to put my 2¢ in, too. I like both of them, but I think that it would be cute to add a button to the center to finish it off. Love the green yarn!

  15. I like the second one best, I think the flower stands out more.
    Thanks for visiting!

  16. Mindy,

    I'm with Wendy. I like both of them, but I would put a button in the center for dimension. Love the headband.


  17. White centered flower. Add a rhinestone or a button to the center for a lil extra pop.

    Thanks so much for linking up to Creative Juice Thursday {I love seeing the canon of your work}

  18. Cute! I think the black closer to the green makes it pop better, so I vote #2.

  19. Thank you for all the help! I'll have to sort my stash of buttons to find the right one, now. ;-)

  20. I like the second one! Thanks for being a part of "Amaze Me Monday".

    ~Dittle Dattle

  21. I like the white with the black center the best. It's a cute headband.


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