Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New hat!

I came across a nice hat pattern today, so I made it this afternoon. It said it would fit a man, but I wasn't sure that my man would wear it. I figured that if he didn't like it, then maybe it would fit me. Of course, kiddo saw me working on it and immediately wanted it for himself.

This project was done with a size G hook, and acrylic yarn in Cubs colors (go Cubs!!), and the finished product ended up being just a bit too tight on us adults. Hubby liked it enough that he said I could make another (slightly bigger version) for him.

Here's my finished product:
I did the whole thing going through both loops of the previous stitch. Maybe it will keep him a bit warmer...


  1. That's pretty! Nice color combinations and your model is very cute!

  2. Thanks for your comment on my hat pattern. I love what you did with it. In answer to your question, there are 14 rounds on my original, not 15.

  3. Yikes! High pressure having the pattern originator comment on my work! Thanks.

    I started my first one too tight, so it had to be a kids size. My second one had much better stitching, and it was perfect size at 14 rounds. I made the last round a sc instead of dc just to fit hubby's head better. Love the pattern!


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