Friday, September 16, 2011

My Dilemma

That previous Mystery Project has a bit more progress, but I've run into a dilemma.

It all started because I was plowing along with the Ugly Blanket last weekend (can't wait to show you more...even though it's ugly ;-) but that's the point), and it was time for color change. There was a skein someone found for me that didn't have a sleeve on it, and as I started working it in, it felt like it was wool.

Of course, it is an Ugly Blanket and all, but I really like it anyway, and I don't want to have a random patch in it felt up eventually.


It was time to figure out whether or not it was wool. It was suggested to light some on fire. Apparently, if it is acrylic, it simply melts. If it is wool, it will light on fire more like a candle wick.

Brilliant! That works for me! I couldn't wait to try it. I felt sort of silly like I should have known that trick, but in case it was new to anyone else, I was going to share it with you.

Lo and behold, as I was taking pictures, wouldn't you know it: both kinds of yarn lit on fire for me! Gar! Now how was I supposed to tell?

Getting back to what started it all. Since I had originally figured out the gold color was wool, I decided to take the plunge and try to make something different with it with the intent to felt it when I'm done.

Now, I'm not certain if it's wool! I have another color of yarn that I was going to work into the gold for some variety of stripes or something, and the sleeve on that contrast color promises that it will felt when machine washed and dried. I can't risk one yarn felting and the other not felting, right?

So again, HELP!! What should I do? Any other suggestions?

I had always thought that I wouldn't want to take all the time to work on a project only to purposely felt it, but now that I've decided on something, I can't help but be disappointed and determined to follow through on it.


  1. It's likely that the other kind of yarn has a small wool content too. Plastic (acrylic) will turn black and melt, but I don't actually know what other natural fibres like cotton/alpaca etc will do. I'd advise you to make a small swatch in the wools you want to test and felt them to see what happens.

  2. I pulled out several varieties (that showed wool or acrylic or blends), and I kept getting the same result. It seems like I'm doing it wrong. Maybe I'm not looking at the finished melted vs. burned product correctly?

    But you're right, I'll probably just have to sacrifice some yarn to try it out to know if it will work. I just hate to waste the yarn! ;-) Yep, I'm cheap. =D


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