Thursday, September 22, 2011

Housekeeping Schedule: Thursday

Thursday is a simple day as far as there not being much on the list, but it takes a little longer.

Dishes are still at the top of the list.

Thursday: Vacuum and wash kitchen and bathroom floors
               Laundry: Dark colors in cold water

This is my mop (without the green fuzz on the sponge), and it is great! My kitchen floor, on the other hand, is horrible. It's this awful, textured, poop and mustard linoleum (sorry, was that crossing the line?). But this wonderful mop with my horrible kitchen floor makes it all a little better. See that bristle brush? Boy! Does that thing work wonders when there is something giving me extra trouble in that textured linoleum. I love it!

As far as cleaner, I'm currently using up an old-school bottle of cleaner, and then I'm moving on to this.
Quite frankly, I highly doubt it will make our ancient linoleum 'shine,' but it will at least keep it clean!

Someday, if I'm feeling brave and not in fear of scaring you all away, I'll snap a picture of the kitchen floor. I'd really rather not subject you dear people to the terror.


  1. How do you feel like the new schedule has been working out for you this week? Happy with it?

  2. wow..I do housework one day a week..vacume everyday because of the day I will get him trained to run it.


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