Monday, September 19, 2011

Housekeeping Schedule: Monday

There are some housecleaning jobs that I love to do. There are others that I do my best to avoid at all costs (yep, I know I'm the only one...). So I've figured out a way to try to keep up with all of the housekeeping chores so that the majority of it gets done every week.

The solution is little bits of cleaning each day. Most take only a few minutes, and I find it easier to accomplish in smaller portions.

This week, I'll post my schedule. It works for me. Each day includes dishes (obviously) and a designated set of laundry.

Monday: Wipe mirrors (and the occasional window)
              Dust surfaces
              Laundry: Whites
I love my Windex! Is there anything better than that shiny, spotless mirror?

In all honesty, dusting is my least favorite, so usually this means just swiping everything with a Static Duster. That's OK in my book because it's still more than I used to do as far as dusting. It also makes it much easier to actually move everything and dust with Pledge and a cloth when I feel like it.

I'm certainly not claiming to be a housekeeping expert, and this is obviously not the full solution since I still have my 'magnet spots' that collect piles of junk regularly (i.e. the computer desk area and my yarn corner of the couch), but it helps!

On the crochet front, I am just finishing up the last steps of those projects I told you about, so rather than post them 99% done, I'm hoping to finish the last steps soon and post the completed project.


  1. I too, had to change up my system from one-day-a-week-massive-clean to little bits It does help :) I find vinegar to be the best for windows though as I hate the smell of windex! As far as dusting... what is dusting?? Lol Can't wait to see you tie up all the loose ends and show off those FOs :)

  2. No system here!! I just do it when I can't stand it a minute longer..I hate when hubby is home, he does one, I do the other.

  3. This sounds like a good solution. And I'm impressed. I definitely don't dust or wipe mirrors every week. In fact, I've lived in this particular place a year now and I've done it maybe ... well not once a week!! :)

  4. I try to do that too. a little bit each day makes me feel that at least I have a handle on everything and I don't feel so overwhelmed!
    Blessings, Joanne


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