Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Housekeeping Schedule: Tuesday

Tuesday's cleaning schedule includes the bathroom along with dishes and laundry.

Tuesday: Clean sinks (kitchen and bathroom)
              Clean tub
              Clean toilet
              Laundry: Dark colors in hot water

My dream is to someday have a stainless steel sink that doesn't get marked up by pots and pans, but in the meantime, this is my close friend:
Comet and the scrubby side of a Scrubby Sponge usually gets rid of any sink markings.


  1. Oh dear, I can't use comet..gives me a migraine..

  2. Wow! Bummer! (but not really since you said you don't like cleaning bathrooms anyway) ;-)

    Baking soda is a great replacement abrasive if there's another cleaner you prefer to use.

  3. I should definitely learn to clean my bathroom more frequently. :) I usually use the MagicErasers when I get around to doing my tub. Love those things.

  4. They are great! I love the way they clean up the outside of the fridge (all those grooves on ours), the tile behind our kitchen sink, and especially dirty light switch plates.

  5. I am on a roll! I typed up your weekly assignments and I'm on the go right now. I started out behind because yesterday was packed but I am almost finished with both days. I did add emptying bathroom garbage and filling soap dispensers since I was already in there. Love the plan!


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