Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blizzard 2011 Photos

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Back to other blog business. I've been a little quiet the last couple days. It's not for lack of projects to show you!! I feel like it will take me a while to catch up with everything I've been making! But I have a couple of boys that desperately wanted to enjoy their snow day yesterday, so here are a few pictures for you to see what it was like around our house post-blizzard.
Major drifts--this is a chunk of walkway carved out between the sidewalk and the street.

 Vehicles up and down the street were snowed on, around, and under.

 A neighbor trying to shovel out a walkway. The snow is drifted right up under that awning over a window.

 Four trucks/jeeps in a row. The passenger sides and backs of the trucks were packed with solid snow. You can sort of see how high it is compared to the vehicles in this picture.

 Another walkway carved out.

 A little height perspective.

 Garage door. Nothing is coming out of there for a while.

Ooh! Pretty! Crazy shapes.

Trudge across the yard... look how close this drift is to the top of the fence and...
 ...over the top of that gate instead of through...
...for a waving, happy photo op before heading inside. The wind was still pretty brutal at this point in the morning keeping playtime short and sweet. That also meant naptime was pretty restful!


  1. Hi Mindy, all that snow totally amazes me..what fun for the kids! Doesn't the snow make the inside of the jeeps totally wet and horrible?

  2. Carol--These jeeps weren't the soft top ones, they're all enclosed and dry. More like an SUV-style. The back of the pick-ups were all that was open to the elements.

    Paula--Have you gotten any of the leftovers yet?

  3. Oh, my....more snow than we've ever experienced in our neck of the woods, that's for sure!!! HOPE you have a great weekend!!! Stay warm and safe!!! Thanks for stopping by and joining my Fantastic Friday party @ Jeremiah 29:11!!!

  4. Holy smokes! That's a lot of fluffy white stuff!!!! Thought I'd tell ya your artfire shop is most definite fair game for the etsy ad. I'd actually never heard of it until you so I learned something new. Not too many in the running w/ ya i'm kinda surprised cuz its free but who knows :)
    {tara} from Undeserving Grace

  5. I can relate, we have it here too. So glad the boys are having fun and enjoying it...oh to be young again!

  6. :0 That's a lot of snow! That one pile looks like the kids could almost sled down it. I hope they had fun playing in it. :)


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