Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"Pearl" Bracelet

Our son has been in an Ocean Odyssey class this semester. Each week, the students were given a list of homework assignments that would help them earn points. One week, he chose to use beads to make a 'pearl' bracelet for someone (the lesson that week was about shells, univalves/bivalves, pearls, etc.).

Even though this blog is mostly my crafty creations, it's time to show off a little highlight of a kiddo craft.
He started with the simple pearls, and then he decided that he wanted some extra color added into the mix.
For the 'clasp' part, he added a large bead to one end and a loop of elastic to the other end.

Unfortunately, we could have used one or two more beads because this ended up just a bit tight (you can sort of see the impression from where it was sitting a little higher on my wrist earlier), but that's ok! Maybe I'll have to try to undo that knot and add a couple at some point so it's a little easier to wear. I'm proud of him!


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