Friday, March 8, 2013

No-Chain-DC to begin a row

Recently, I saw this video on how to start a new row of double crochet without doing the ch 2 or ch 3. I don't always want to load up a video to try a new technique, so I decided to make a photo tutorial really quickly. Now you can try whichever way you learn the best.

Complete your previous row, and turn your work.

Start your new row by pulling up a loop a little taller than a dc.

Place your pointer finger on the loop to hold it in place.

While keeping your finger on the loop, pull your hook toward you then behind the loop.

Yarn over, and pull through the first part of the loop...

...leaving two loops on the hook.

Yarn over...

...and pull through both loops to complete the dc.

Dc in the next st. They look identical!

There you have it! Have you ever tried this? Am I just slow to catch on to this technique as I was with the Magic Circle? Do you like it? It has taken a little practice to get a consistent size, but I really like the way this turns out.


  1. I have tried this one - also a couple of other methods. Wrote about them here:

    They all work very well. Another way is to use a linked dc: chain 3 (do not yarn over), insert hook in back loop of middle chain, pull up a loop, insert hook in next stitch and complete dc.

    Hope your weather is better than ours right now! But it's probably exactly the same. :)

  2. Hey! I've featured you today on Make Something Mondays! Come by and check it out...and thank you for linking up!

    ~ Sarah

  3. I found your blog through Sarahndipities, I love to crochet, I will try this technique that you are showing us. I love your blog. New follower here. I give you the link to my blog, if you like my creations I invite you to follow me. From my side I'm glad I found your blog.
    Marisa from

  4. thanks so much,it is really appreciated!


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