Tuesday, April 10, 2012


While we were growing up, my mom would make us crocheted slippers. They were always so warm and cozy! I couldn't remember the pattern for sure, so I decided to try a different style for myself.

It was a quick and simple project and didn't take much more than an afternoon, but somehow I forgot how I did certain steps between slipper one and slipper two. Ha!

Small amounts of leftover yarn were perfect for the pattern. Add your own flower or embellishment, and voila!

Also, taking pictures of your own feet is harder than I thought it would be...

Sort of a funny choice of color combination, but winter in Wisconsin declares that all is fair for the sake of warmth!

(Anyone else have memories of 'ice skating' in your slippers on the kitchen floor with your siblings?)


  1. I am sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Thank you for the bracelet. It is hanging on my wall with a to do list. I got it the day of the move and I am so grateful it didn't get lost in the mess. My grandma made us all slippers and the yarn she used felt like razor blades on the bottom of your feet. LOL we wore them whenever she was around. I think I am going to make slippers for anyone who comes over so they can keep my floors clean..Wood floors seem like alot of work..maybe a pair for Buddy!! Blessings

  2. Your slippers look nice - I like those colors together and the flowers are a perfect touch.

    We didn't have crocheted slippers when we were younger, but we did ice skate with our socks on the wood floor in the living room - so much fun. :)

  3. In one afternoon?! You are amazing! It would take me alot longer and it would not come out as nice as yours!
    Blessings, Joanne

  4. Those are super cute. We do most of our skating around here in wool socks.

  5. Love them! And the color combo is perfect - gray for the winter still hanging on and green for the spring waiting to be sprung! :o)

  6. Adorable! I made some this weekend and the colors look super similar! I posted about it on my blog yesterday!

  7. sooooo lovely!! my favorite!

  8. Super cute slippers.

    I have never crocheted slippers, just knitted them.


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