Thursday, May 5, 2011

A must-share conversation

Here is a conversation I had just a few moments ago that I just HAD to share.

"Don't crocodiles turn into dinosaurs?"

"No, crocodiles don't turn into dinosaurs."

"Then do dinosaurs turn into crocodiles?"

"Nope, dinosaurs aren't around anymore."

"When were they around?"

"A long, long time ago."

"Like when there were Indians and buffalo around?" (He and his grandpa have been on a Lewis and Clark kick lately.)

"Nope, even longer ago than that."

"Like in the 90s?!?"
There you have it. It was SO long ago.

Did I ever think I'd post a picture of a show I never watched? Nope. Looking at this one, I think I'm glad I never did. Though I did see an episode of Overhaulin' with Ian Ziering...


  1. Yea, kids have no concept do they? Just like when we were younger, we had no concept. Wellll, at least I didn't. :o)

  2. I never watched that show either... I kinda prided myself on that fact.
    The 90' long ago. I even got married in the 90's!

  3. thats gas , cant kids make you feel old ?
    lol tfs

  4. That is priceless...and I'm feeling soooo old! LOL Blessings, Joanne

  5. Thats a pretty mixed up and very funny conversation! The beginnings of a generational change in thinking.

  6. The same fate will happen to the kids of this generation. The next generation will make them feel old. It's a never-ending cycle.


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