Monday, December 6, 2010

The Sing-Off

Did anybody watch The Sing-Off on NBC last year?

Now I only watch 1 maybe 2 shows in any given week. We'll also watch football. But when we heard about The Sing-Off, we were SO excited. It's not like American Idol that lasts for 17 months of the year. It's short and sweet. (Don't get me wrong...I've watched American Idol before, too. Big fan of Melinda Doolittle and Phil Stacey. There are definitely some talented people out there. But I do think it gets a little too dragged out.)

Back to The Sing-Off. Truly great competition. Talented people working together to make great music with ONLY their voices. All the trumpet blaring, percussion clanging, violin screaming, and guitar distortion is done with voices. It's a sight to behold ( earful to behold?). Really--I LOVE music, and I often find that I have to force myself to remember that it is all voice that I hear.

Last year's competition was amazing, though I'll admit I wasn't thrilled by the winner. They weren't bad, there was just a nasal quality to the singing that I didn't enjoy, and I was rooting for another group to win.

One favorite group last year: The Bubs (aka The Beelzebubs)--a school group that has been in existence for decades. (Here's their official site)
Another favorite group: The SoCal VoCals--another school-based group. (And their official site)
Go check out some of their songs. I highly recommend The Bubs' Come Sail Away and The SoCals' Somebody To Love. You can find them on Grooveshark.

I'm hoping this year will draw more viewership though and a wider voting base. If there are any Gilmore Girls fans out there, it looks like The Whiffenpoofs will be in this year's competition.

You can hear this year's groups do some Christmas Songs here.

Since this is bloggy-world, go check out Judge Ben Folds' blog about the process! That will have to fill in since I can't get any pictures off The Sing-Off site to let you have a peek.


  1. LOVED the show last year.Did I miss the 1st show? Hope not . . .nothing like a-capella singing.

    \0/ paula

  2. Nope, it starts tonight! Yeah!!

  3. I'm so happy this was posted and that I read it before leaving work today! I saw on the previews for it over Thanksgiving and then totally forgot about it....would have been very sad to have missed the first episode!

  4. We're another family of Sing Off fans! Bubs were our 2009 faves as well, and we were lucky enough to see them perform at Dartmouth College in NH earlier this year. We got front row seats and stuck around for autographs on their CD. Such fun! Looking forward to seeing how this year turns out. Who are your early faves this year?

  5. Danielle--That sounds amazing! They were SO much fun to watch because they were wonderfully talented as well as great performers. I bet you had a blast!
    At first, I was afraid that this year wouldn't live up to last year's groups, but maybe that was just initial stage fright or something. Now, I think I'm liking Committed and The Backbeats. Street Corner Symphony is fun, too. The Jerry Lawson group is good, they're just not our favorites as far as variety.
    What about you? Who do you like? Have you been really disappointed by any that have left?


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