Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Bead Crochet Necklace to show for a little while

Phew! I finished the last one today. This will be for my brother's girlfriend.

The colors were picked out by a 5-year-old boy... hmmm...hope she shares his tastes. =)

All that's left is one more headband and a couple flowers, and everything to make for Christmas is complete! Yay!

If you want to try your hand at Crocheting with Beads, you can find my tutorial here. Send me pictures of how it turns out! I'd love to see it.


  1. Wow! Am so impressed with your 'making' skills. Visiting from Naturally Carol - congrats on your award!

  2. alright. these are so gorgeous...

    you need to make one and have a giveaway.

    i'd love to see this in black and white...

  3. Black and white sounds great! mmmm...when can I get to Hobby Lobby again? ;-)

    Thanks, ladies!

  4. Very nice colors he chose, I'm sure she will love it.

  5. Sometimes my 5 year old has better fashion sense than I do! I love the colors! Thanks for linking up to Gettin' Krafty With It!

  6. You "AMAZE ME"! Thank you for linking up to the "Amaze Me Monday" blog party!!


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