Monday, December 27, 2010

Recent Crochet Projects

I was finishing up testing another pattern for SmoothFox when my hubby's cousin asked about something like a neckwarmer. I had Marie Anne's neckwarmer pattern open on a tab for several days wanting to find some time to try it, so I told Hannah I'd make one for her.

Merry Christmas Eve, Hannah!
The headbands I most recently finished were also for Hannah...I think she likes the neckwarmer more. ;-)  ...or maybe it's just that warm southern blood that keeps it around her neck all day every day!

Great Pop LOVED the hat (though by the picture, you'd think otherwise!)

Where's that big grin you always have? Oh well. It sounds like he might wear it occasionally (if Great Grandma will let him), so maybe I'll have another chance at a smiling shot.

This necklace and bracelet set

...was a big crowd hit, but apparently we were having to pass the camera back and forth too much, so we didn't get an opening-the-gift picture. Maybe we'll have to save it for another shot of her modeling it.

Well, I've just been searching way too long for a long lost picture, and it's time to get moving. More pictures and stories for another time. We've been away from home all this past week, so it hasn't left much time for sleeping, let alone blogging. =( But there's still LOTS to show you, so I'll keep checking in with little snippets along the way.

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!


  1. Nice hat for Great Pop . . . It's hard to believe it's the same pattern <;0}

  2. Beautiful gifts! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  3. I'm sure all of your wonderful gifts were much appreciated. Love your photos!

  4. Well I hit something and not sure if my comment went out there somewhere or not. Hmmm ...

    Anyway, I love how the neckwarmer turned out! It's a very pretty color and looks great on her. I'll blog about it sometime soon and link to your post here again so everyone can see the photo. Thanks for letting me know!

    LOVE the hat on pop!

  5. Love your models! That hat has me cracking up :D Thanks for sharing.


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