Sunday, December 19, 2010

Leprechaun Top Hat!

I found this pattern on Paula's blog a while ago, and I couldn't wait to try it! ...I just had to find the right person to receive it and the reason to make it.

We had finished up our Christmas shopping, but I could tell my sweet supportive hubby wasn't entirely sold on my idea for his grandpa. I was looking around my bookmarks for ideas when I found Paula's pattern again.

Inspiration struck!

This man is VERY (I can't emphasize this enough) proud of his Irish heritage, his mother was also a crocheter so he enjoys that a few of us in the family crochet, and he has a wild goofy side. Put it all together, and here's his Leprechaun Top Hat!

What do you think?

I'll try to follow up with a picture of him wearing it if I can.

(Thanks, Paula, for sharing your pattern!! It was a blast to make it!)


  1. Mindy . . . .

    What an AWESOME idea and it sure looks like a leprechaun top hat.

    May I ask your permission to post it on my blog (and link back to this post)?I would love to show off your interpretation of my pattern :0}

  2. Absolutely! Go for it.

    So glad you like it. ;-)

  3. Love your idea...nothing like a bit of cheeky fun at Christmas!

  4. Mindy,
    He will absolutely love it! Think you can get him to wear it to church?

  5. I really hope so--at least once! I could see him wearing it to staff meeting just to be crazy, but we'll see how willing he is to wear it in public any more than that. ;-)

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  7. Hi Mindy, I have just nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award...because you make amazingly stylish items and have a lovely blog..come over to my blog to accept the award an find out what to do...Carol

  8. Wow--thanks! I'll head on over...

  9. So cute!
    New blog hop follower.

  10. seriously, your skill set amazes me. are you going to be selling these for st. patrick's day???

    I think you'd make a killing...

    thanks for linking it up!

  11. Oh gosh, that's the cutest thing! Sounds like it will fit grandpa well.

  12. Ha! Hubby agrees with you, Nicolette!

    Thanks, Marie Anne--now I just hope it fits his head, too! Otherwise...there's a snowman that was just made that needs a hat. =)

  13. Yes! Love it!! Thanks for linking up to Fibers on Friday! Happy New Year!

  14. Hi very cute hat--I couldn't get the link for the pattern to work. Is the pattern still available? Thanks so much!

    1. It looks like it moved under another blog title. Here it is:

      Hope that helps! Happy crocheting!


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