Friday, October 1, 2010

This doesn't happen in our house...

My little sweetpea was not himself this morning. He has LOVED being outside since he was an infant. I think the only time he was quiet as an infant was when he was outside or eating. We were about to go out the door for a walk when he turned around and said, "Can I just sit on the couch for a little bit? My tummy hurts." Ummm, wow. Storytime, it is! After that we cut our school time a little short. Next thing I knew, I found him like this. Do you think this means I'll have some extra craft time today?

Oh wait, he just turned over and woke up. Guess it will be lunch time. Maybe he'll get a good nap this afternoon. Here's hoping!

Edit: Tylenol and into bed. Hope this passes soon! He even turned away from his peanut butter and jelly sandwich! ...but he did ask me to save it for later. ;-) He's still in there.


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