Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crocheted Hot Pad

My friend Rachel suggested I check out www.thornberry.wordpress.com

I'm not sure if I should say Thank You or not--I've wasted so much time looking through her site! I'm only in November of 2009, and the blog started in February of 2007. There are some amazing ideas there!

I've already used one idea of a hot pad she made since she included the link to the original pattern. Mine doesn't look even close to hers, but it will work as a hot pad!

But really, thank you, Rachel!

Here are my results:

I learned pretty quickly that I was doing it wrong, but I didn't want to start over. It was a little difficult to make the petals line up, but other than that, the only downside of doing it wrong is that the two sides look different.

Which side do you like better?


  1. Her beautiful hotpads made me *almost* want to learn to crochet!

  2. I like the top side :-) I love it altogether, really! Hope to see you on Fibers on Friday with this fantastic project :-)

  3. Those make great hot pads! My grandmother gave me some years ago. I absolutely love them! Thanks for linking another fun idea up to Thrilling Thursday @ Paisley Passions :)


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