Thursday, March 22, 2012

Big Batch of Neckwarmers

Here's another batch of cozy neckwarmers (since it's moving toward getting a little cooler again).

Oh, this purple is gorgeous. It's Yarn Bee Princess in Tapestry. The photo doesn't do justice to the beautiful crystal-cut purple buttons. I really loved this one.

This copper color is a discontinued Lion Brand Lion Suede in Canyon with gold buttons.

This is Red Heart Shimmer. I like the subtle sparkle to it. 
This is also Red Heart Shimmer, but it is crocheted with two strands and held closed with the gorgeous pin.

Yarn Bee Infatuation. Seriously fuzzy and soft yarn.
The buttons are sort of pearl-like with a silver/pewter edging.

This is also Lion Brand Lion Suede. Very beautiful color, and so so so soft. Since I didn't have much left, I opted for a decorative edge that could be flipped around to be on the top (shown) or along the bottom edge.
Here's a slightly larger view of the decorative edge.

And finally, Yarn Bee Boucle Traditions. Simple and cozy.


  1. They are all stunning! Although my fav is the purple one. :o) Hey, got your head band. I love it!! Thanks again Mindy!

  2. Oh I love the one in the first picture and the one with the pin...simply gorgeous!
    Blessings, Joanne

  3. These are gorgeous! Do you have a pattern? I am going to get some Yarn Bee Infatuation and Boucle. They are lovely!:)

  4. That purple is gorgeous! I really like that flower pin and the colors on the last one. It looks like it could be some kind of fur. Beautiful work!

  5. Thank you everyone!

    I've made up all the patterns, usually a different style for each yarn. Most of the time I use a size I hook for these, but I'll adapt depending on the yarn. For Infatuation, I used a Size H hook, and the one shown has a width of 10 dc. For my next one, I went slightly wider. For the Boucle, I used a Size I hook, a width of about 15 dc, and adapted some fpdc and bpdc to create the shadowbox look. Hope that helps--if it doesn't, just ask.

  6. That's alotta neck warmers!! Very nice!


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