Sunday, January 1, 2012

What will 2012 hold?

Last year I did a 'look-ahead' to the New Year rather than looking back over the past year. I thought I'd do that again, except at first glance, it doesn't seem to be as loaded as 2011 already was by this time!

So what's ahead?

Our 11th Anniversary. I love him dearly.

Soon to be followed by hubby's birthday! I'll still love him dearly...

Trying all kinds of new foods.
Training for and attending a mission trip to a new destination with junior high students.
Planning and implementing a whole new Mystery Dinner for high school students.
Camping trips.
7th birthday (ok, that took a long time to be able to type that. ...excuse me while I go vomit)
Finish 1st Grade and begin 2nd Grade.

What happened in 2011 that I didn't expect? Mouth surgery. Let's hope that never happens again. A new niece! I'm all for that happening again!

I decided to type all this up before looking back at last year's list. Now it's time to go see how they compare.

Happy New Year!


  1. I'll hold your hair during the vomitting if you'll hold mine!! My little man is turning 7 in March and my sweet baby girl will be 13 in June. My how time flies when your kids are growin.

  2. Mel-- Hahahaha!!!!! Sounds great--we'll back each other up! =D So true...growing so very fast. *sniff!*

  3. Babies grow up quick don't they? :o( And congrats on 11 years!


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