Monday, January 9, 2012

Sisterly Creativity and Crafts

During Christmas, we traveled south to visit with my sister and her family. What a blast!

My sister is the truly creative and crafty one. It's rather sickening. Anyone else have that in your family? The one member that so effortlessly creates masterpieces? Well, the beauty I find in it is that it allows me to try to steal adapt some of her projects and ideas. =D

To make a hilariously long and crafty week summed up, here's what happened. She pulled out some tiny beads and mentioned that she wanted to make a candy cane necklace. She was going to thread them all and then twist them together. I suggested crocheting it like the necklace I made for her last year. Her response: "You MADE that?" Ha ha!! She never knew and had never worn it. We got lots of laughs out of this.

Our projects for the week were quickly determined. We ran out to Hobby Lobby, picked up some Size 30 Crochet Thread, additional beads, and Twisted Wire Needles for threading all those tiny Size 11 beads. Since we knew it would take a while to thread all the tiny beads, we picked up some Size 6 beads for the 'in the meantime' project.

First project completed:
A beautiful Christmas Necklace!

And to add to the disgustingness of her creativity and natural talent, my sister, the non-crocheter, picked this up SO fast, she's already made several of her own and for friends!

So, I'm telling you, try it! You'll love it.

(The Candy Cane Masterpiece will be posted soon...)

This was SO much more fun than working on all the orders for headbands. I had plenty of time to finish those after we got back home.


  1. Very, very pretty. Sounds like you had a great time. :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time with your sister and you created a very pretty necklace. Enjoy your Monday. :-)

  3. I would love to learn how to make this!
    Blessings, Joanne

  4. What a treasure to be able to share your talents with each other.. :))

  5. some day I am going to give crocheting with beads a shot..I keep telling myself that..I have the thread, the beads and the books, but I can't seem to put down the hook and doily patterns...maybe over the that is going to happen...Blessings..

  6. Love it! I'm not sure I'd have the patience to work with beads, but your work is beautiful.

    I have two older sisters and yes, they've both very talented at different things.

  7. I'm with Marie Anne on not sure about my patience to work with the beads. It's so pretty though and would make great gifts.

  8. Love your bead work! I tried and got frustrated with it. I do have my older sister who can knit and crochet but I found out that she doesn't do any 'fancy' crocheting. Just the normal sc, hdc, dc. But she can knit a storm up.


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