Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chocolate Raspberry Torte ...Afghan

Separate thoughts that will eventually converge:

Thought 1: I generally stray away from panel patterns on afghans. The only one I had ever done was to highlight a gorgeous variegated Christmas yarn I found one year. It stretched my abilities, but it's very pretty, so we love it.

Thought 2: I've had my eye on a pattern for quite a while, and I wanted to get my yarn when the sales were just right. It's just a chunky afghan that's done with two strands together. It's very warm and functional but requires much yarn. I received some gift cards and figured that would be a perfect use!

We picked up the yarn, and hubby picked out the colors. He's good at that sort of thing. The colors were so pretty that I started second-guessing my pattern choice.

Uh oh.

Well, I picked out several patterns online and a book of patterns, and I asked hubby what pattern he liked for the colors he picked.

Thoughts converge: He picked a panel pattern. We both loved it for the colors.

10 days later...

Behold the Chocolate Raspberry Torte Afghan! It's very warm, and saying its name makes you hungry for some sweets!

It's a perfect mix of pretty and practical. Such warmth!

How do you feel about panel patterns? Do you love them? Hate them? Never try them?


  1. Never tried a panel pattern (though I own some in my "to do" stack)

    I call my husband my "color consultant" :-) he's the best at helping with colors I'd never put together!

  2. This is beautiful! Yes, I have done one panel afghan and they are a challenge. I love this pattern. Where did you get it?

  3. I have one mile-a-minute pattern book that my sister gave me when I first started crocheting. I have ogled a couple in the book but haven't gotten around to doing either. Yours are gorgeous Mindy! And only 10 days to do that one...holy cow. I love them both.

  4. Eileen--this pattern was in the book Quick and Cozy Afghans by Oxmoor House. There are a lot of great patterns in there.

    Kat--Thanks! Hope you end up trying one sometime.

  5. Kat,
    Thank you so much! I might have this book.LOL I will check when I get home. Have a great week!

  6. Seriously? 10 days? Wow... it would take me 10 weeks to make that!! Love it!

  7. This is great! I love the colors. I might have to use them someday - they would look great in our living room. Actually, I even have that book, so maybe I'll just do the exact same afghan!

  8. Thanks, Moriah!! They're Loops and Threads yarns from Michaels. I got 3 huge skeins of brown (and used all of two and into the third) 1 large skein of cream, and 3 small skeins of the red (claret). I also used a Size J hook instead of the recommended Size K. It may be slightly bigger than their listed approximate finished size, but I liked the feel of the material using that hook.

    Wouldn't that be a riot for us to having matching handmade afghans!? It would be that dress from middle school all over again. ;-) (It's page 10 called Herb Garden.)


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