Monday, November 8, 2010

Did Noah's wife crochet?

Kiddo was just reading a Noah's Ark book, and he was talking all about what animals may have gone along in the ark. Then he asked what Noah's wife's name was. He said, "I bet if there was yarn in that world, Noah's wife would have taken yarn along to crochet with."

Do you ever feel like you're tainting your kids with your craftiness?


  1. It's a good "taint", however. Darling story! I look forward to hearing more. I'm your newest follower!

  2. That's so hysterical, I'll have to share that one with my mom, she'd get a kick out of it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog & saying hi! I'm off to go read the rest of it :)

  3. Definitely! We do it all the time.
    Like - Chickens knit because they can.
    Dogs tell bedtime stories.
    Cats invented yoga and dogs invented orienteering.
    Our children I hasten to say are growing up fairly well rounded and only a little warped by our sense of humour but it adds to the fun!

  4. ha! my daughter was saying her prayers and said thank you that heavenly father could...."mom whats that thing you do?" Turns out she was looking for create....thank you heavenly father could create the world!

  5. That's SO sweet! Bless her sweet heart.

  6. definitely not tainting him, teaching him a valuable lesson about the value of handmade over store-bought... You go girl!


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