Friday, January 17, 2014


Just before Christmas, I finally finished the Crochet Along doily from...April? Wow. A lot of projects crept in and took over. But it still turned out beautifully. I'll be posting it soon.

Since then, there was a nice little Snowflake Doily pattern that 'cleansed my doily palette' after the huge project.

After my short break from doilies, patterns now keep popping up that interest me.

Olga just posted a doily she completed, and I liked it's simple pattern and elegance. She linked to the pattern.
Free crochet pattern: heart motif doilie
Unfortunately, it's a chart pattern! Why do I always steer clear of these? Maybe the whole picture is too overwhelming. Maybe reading and working round by round is a little more manageable. Maybe the symbols are too tiny and apt to make me lose my place.

Whatever it is, I probably won't be making this doily right now. But someday, I'm going to have to try it.

What is your preference? Written patterns or charts?


  1. I prefer written patterns, but if the pattern is simple enough I can go with a chart. :)

  2. I definitely prefer written patterns, but can do charts if I must!

  3. Mindy, you definitely should give a try to a charted doily pattern. It looks too overwhelming at the first glance, but it's actually not that difficult. Just choose a clear one. Some of the free ones on the Internet were photocopied from magazines and are very difficult to understand, besides that's a violation of copyrights, so I stay away from those. But the one above is of very good quality, the symbols are big and well visible. The only problem it's in UK terminology.

  4. I love to crochet but don't take time to do it enough. For Christmas I made my granddaughter's bitty baby a darling red dress, bloomers and a matching hat with white furry trim. Loved doing it. I do like to crochet doilies from charts -- haven't tried anything else. There used to be a magazine "Magic Crochet" and their charts were so clean and easy to use.


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