Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Beautiful Yarn and Temperature Scarf Progress

Well, I'm just about caught up with everyone else's blog posts that I've missed... 'almost' being a relative term. There's one other Temperature Scarf that I've seen, or at least the mention of a plan to make one.

I'm ridiculously excited and positively giddy that my colors are now decided, and the yarn has been purchased.

How pretty is this?
...and I haven't even started yet!

There's a scarf (gift) sitting in my 'Crocheting Corner' and another small project that I've assigned due dates. Once those are completed, 2013 Scarf, here I come!

My assigned colors, in case anyone is interested:
100*+: Simply Soft, Autumn Red
90*-99*: Red Heart Soft, Really Red
80*-89*: Simply Soft, Persimmon
70*-79*: Simply Soft, Sunshine
58-69*: Simply Soft, Soft Green
46*-57*: Simply Soft, Sage
33*-45*: Simply Soft, Lt. Country Blue
21*-32*: Simply Soft, Blue Mint
10*-20*: Simply Soft, Pagoda
0*-9*: Simply Soft, Blackberry
Below 0*: Yarn Bee...uhh, dark purple with a silver strand running through it.

These temperature chunk cut-offs are pretty arbitrary, so small adjustments may be needed as the year progresses.

I'm still thinking that I will add some 'extreme weather' conditions to some days, i.e. white curly yarn with sparkle for blizzard/snow, gray for extremely high winds, and maybe even a black for severe thunderstorms (I'm hoping I won't need to add any brown for a tornado...). At this point, I can't decide if it will detract from the color gradient I've already created. Any thoughts?


  1. Wow Mindy what a beautiful range of colors! Maybe some warmish brown for accents. I will be wating for somepics of your progress. Dawn

  2. What a fun idea, I'm assuming that you'll add one row every day for the year? It will be fun to look at the scarf at the end of the year and see how warm/cold it was!

  3. My scarf would lack color variation. :) Not very exciting weather where I'm from! Would be really fun though to do the same scarf colors from different parts of the country and see the difference!

    1. True! Family scarves for wherever everyone is spread around the country! I love the idea. =)


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