Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A scarf gift

A few weeks ago, a friend gave me a free tear-off pattern she had found at a craft store. She mostly knits (with the occasional crocheted edging), but she thought the scarf was so pretty that she'd hang onto it for me. It certainly was very elegant! I'd never worked with Patons Lace yarn before, so what a fun opportunity to whip something together, try out a new yarn, and share it with her!

This yarn is beautiful!!! The pattern calls for 2 colors--one neutral and one variegated. The variegated one was not in stock at our Michael's, so I replaced it with another one that seemed to have a similar look.

Final product:
OK, a little explanation is in order. I was about to rush out the door to deliver this when I realized I hadn't taken a photo! Bad blogger!! So I threw it on really quickly and had hubby snap a shot before I flew out of the house. I delivered the gift, she loved it, I got home and realized I should have flipped that part around my neck so that you could see the colors better. Oh well, haste makes waste, right?

Notice how the gradient of color is very gradual, and it highlights the dark/light tones at one end and the mid-range tones at the other end of the scarf. It's also done in two layers; that's why you see the ivory spiraling around the grays. So you start with 222 ch, then sc across. Then you do 2 trc in the back loop only and continue your rows. Once that's complete, you take the other color and do 2 trc in the remaining free loop of the first row of sc then continue with the rest of the rows. Even though this is a very thin yarn, the double layer makes it plenty warm without being too heavy.

The pattern can be found here at the bottom of the links.
Colors were Antique and Patina. Less than one skein of each.
Size G hook.

I'll definitely use this yarn again! Maybe Bonfire or Sachet... But first, another friend admired this so much before I gave it away that maybe I'll have to use my leftovers to make one for her. =)

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  1. It's lovely! Paton's Lace is really nice to work with, isn't it? It looks great on you -- guess you have to make another one?


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