Friday, February 24, 2012

Snow Fun

We awoke to this:

Notice that dear man with the snowblower? He cleared off pretty much the whole block! Gotta love kind neighbours.

Therefore, this:

Yep, it's taller than the kiddo! Such fun!
**Just in case you're interested in my obviously brilliant plan (which translates to 'necessity is the mother of invention' or 'desperate times call for desperate measures'), that snowman mouth was drawn on with lipstick.


  1. very pretty snow! I'm totally giggling over your snowman wearing lipstick - I would have never thought to do that (but will have to remember for the future for sure!!)

  2. Hi Mindy! Looks like a winter wonderland. BRRRRRRR!
    Blessings, Joanne

  3. wow there is so much is pretty looking but gives me the chills

  4. beautiful pics! That neighbor would be receiving new hats from me for all his hard work! :o) How thoughtful he is.

  5. You can keep the snow..especially now that we are in the final days of winter. Love the pics though..


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