Monday, February 6, 2012

Headband Spotted

...but not a Spotted Headband.

...but it sounds fun. I might have to consider it.

Anyway, hubby spotted a lady sporting one of my headbands at the grocery store the other day. A proud moment to see it on a complete stranger!
Yes, he secretly took a picture for me. What a sweet man! Then, as sly as he was being, the crazy flash went off on his camera. No one noticed, or he would have had to explain what a crazy woman his wife is and that she would of course want a picture of this momentous occasion. He's probably just glad I wasn't there because I would have walked up to a complete stranger and said, "Hello, I made that!" ...or not. I guess it would have depended on my mood for the day...

And in other OTHER great news, now all of you know that we needed eggs in the house and some Fritos Scoops for a snack I've made for a meeting tonight. ;-)


  1. I just literally LOL'd at my desk :-) so funny! and totally something my own husband would do!

  2. How cool is that to see someone wearing something you made!! I saw one of my doilies on a commercial for a local furniture store. Totally blew me away..sure wish they would have given me some ad time. I guess it happens when we sale our stuff online or at craft shows. Anyway have a good day Mindy and I am happy your husband knows how to use his camera quickly and on the hubby is clueless..

  3. That's fantastic. Where are you selling them?

  4. Thanks, everyone! It was super exciting for me!

    Vikki--that's amazing! Very cool to see your work on TV. =)

    Rachel--There's a boutique inside of a salon on Hwy C. This lady sells incredible items like handmade jewelry, gifts, etc. She's asked me for a lot of headbands and neckwarmers. It's been so much fun making them for her. ;-)

  5. I have given you a award if you participate in blog awards, I have one for you on mine. Have a great day.

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog and answering my question about books. We have plenty of non-fiction but are looking for fiction. I found some good stories but they are written in an accent or in King James language.

    He is 15. Do you have any other ideas?

    Thank you,


  7. How awesome is that, that hubby recognized it was one of yours and that he had the mind to take a pic of it for you!? Too cool. :o)

  8. You are too I want fritos!
    Blessings, Joanne


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