Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Felted Purse

Paula had sent me some great yarn a while back, and I finally found the perfect pattern for one of the colors. The label promised that it was good felting yarn. Out came my book of purse patterns, and here's what I made.

Hook: Size K

Yarn: Lion Brand Landscapes, Color: Spring Desert
Washed and dried: 3-4 times

Final product:
It looks brighter because it's a much sunnier day today, and I used a different camera. Other than that, I like the results!

My first attempt at felting is stamped a success.


  1. Definitely a success. Pretty purse.

  2. very nice..I keep telling myself I want a new bag..I need a good thread pattern purse..I want to use up my leftover balls..you know..the end of project stuff..not enough to do much with, but too much to throw away..If you happen to come across a pattern let me know..Have a great day.

  3. Hey well done you! You know what? I always thought you only had to wash something once to felt it... maybe that's why the load of old jumpers I tried to felt didn't work....

    Are you coming to link up to the Learn a New Technique ongoing linky?

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  5. Nicely Done! I've never felted a project before, but look forward to it! Thanks for participating in my ring giveaway! Good Luck!


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