Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A New Stitch

Back in April, I showed you a very special afghan that was crocheted for my hubby by his great-grandmother when he was just a boy.

He told me that his mom had asked him for his favorite colors knowing that Great-Grandma would be using them to crochet him a blanket. When he said blue and black, she tried to talk him out of it. =) It's perfect and great for any boy, right?!

A while back, we put it on our boy's bed for him to use. One day, he decided to pull off a bunch of the tassels. I was heartbroken to have to break the news to hubby, but also a little intimidated to be the one to have to fix the beautiful work of this dear and wonderful lady. Tassels fixed, it now stays out of his room.

For years, I've looked at this afghan, and I've admired the stitches on it. It looks very simple but sturdy and warm. I've never been able to figure out how she did it. I'm certainly not a pro-crocheter, but I would (humbly) say I know a few things about some different stitches. This one had me flummoxed.

This weekend, we were camping, and my mother-in-law gave us an extra blanket. It was another gorgeous light blue and white one made by Great-Grandma. I commented on how much I love her afghans but haven't figured out the stitch yet. She told me, "Yeah, I wish I remember how she did it! All I know is it's called a broomstick stitch."

OK, duh. Why did I never ask her if she knew the name of the stitch?!

Have any of you ever done the Broomstick Stitch? Was it used a lot in those years or was it just a special stitch Great-Grandma happened to like? Anyway, I guess I'm off to check the internet to hopefully learn a new stitch! I'll keep you posted with what I find. I have a long way to go if I'm ever going to be as great as she was!

EDIT: Everything I've found so far is definitely not the same stitch... Any advice? Should I take a macro pic?


  1. Could it be Broomstick LACE? Yes, definitely take a close up pic so we can see!

  2. Yeah the only thing similar that I know of is the Broomstick Lace but that's not what it looks like from the photo you've shown. Hopefully it'll be fun to keep figuring it out!


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