Wednesday, March 9, 2011

That is fabulous!

...or as my nephew used to say, "Fab-lee-ous!"

I just noticed a weird mark on my hand only to realize it is a blister or callous formed from the crocheting I did last night! Wow, I've never been so excited about a blister before!

I'll show you why I have it tomorrow.

(Yes, I'm fully aware of my freakazoid tendencies...)


  1. Crochet. . .hard and dangerous work. LOL

  2. I got a blister on my finger when I first started crocheting, but I haven't had once since. These days, I just don't have the time, with three children running around. Back when I started crocheting, I didn't have any children. Life's more fun now!

  3. I know what you're talking about - I can get pretty obsessed with a crochet project, especially when it's almost done...I've never received blisters from crocheting, but my forearms break out in red hot blotches so that I have to stop crocheting for a couple of days to calm them down...

  4. Haha, I don't even really have feeling on the tip of my fingers anymore from crazy violin-practicing callouses (spelling?)!

  5. Machelle--SO true!! Woe is me!

    Nikki--really? I don't think I could get one on my finger with the way I hold my hook... now I'll have to grab a hook and see!

    Doris--oh my! That sounds terrible! Is it a blood flow thing? I've never heard of that. You have to stop for a couple of DAYS? That would make me crazy--especially at the end of a project. ;-)

    Em--I bet you don't have feeling left! I can't say that I've developed that from piano playing, but I DO think I have oddly formed thumbs because of it. ha!

  6. It could very well be not from the hook but the yarn rubbing against your finger. Just try to hold it differently.


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