Thursday, July 3, 2014

Spring into Summer CAL-Dishcloth

This pattern is called Absolutely Fast Dishcloth. It was certainly a quick project, but it wasn't 'absolutely fast' for me. Unfortunately, I'm kind of particular about my dishcloths. Am I the only one?

In fact, the term 'dishcloth' vs. 'washcloth' is an important distinction for me. Wow. What a freak, I know.

Regardless, there are certain 'cloths' that I will use for washing dishes and others that I'll use for wiping down counters or tables. What I use for washing dishes needs to be of medium size with fairly tight stitching.

This pattern looked to fit the medium requirement, but the stitches were obviously pretty loose. Treble crochet was used to make it 'Absolutely Fast.' It makes sense!

However, to fit my tight-stitch preference for washing dishes, I opted for a much smaller hook. It slightly changed the speed at which it came together and the look of the final product, but once I start using it at the sink, it will never look the same again anyway! =D


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