Thursday, April 3, 2014

Friendship Doily CAL - More rounds

Here it is through Round 21!


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    1. Thanks! I'm really loving the pattern. =)

  2. Pretty doily! I'm sending you a KNIT pattern. ;) I'm not even sure I can make it yet, but I'm gonna try soon. I still haven't finished anything. I've ripped out what I've started because I've messed up. I'm getting it down though! I'm doing only the knit stitch right now. I've learned cast on, KFB, yo, and K2tog. I'm going to learn to pearl next. I've seen it but haven't tried it.

  3. Very pretty doily. I like that it's made in two colors.

    Also I wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciate your kind and supporting comment on my last post. Thank you.


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